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John Legend - You & I (Nobody In The World)

They are young and old, cis and trans, straight and queer, in sickness and in health, and they come in countless colors, shapes, and sizes. They are women, and for four minutes and 15 seconds, John Legend pays them the basic respect that half the world’s population is routinely denied. 

It is not a revolutionary video — at least, it shouldn’t be. Deceptively simple in form and function, You & I uses only a progression of medium shots of individual women. Presented with their totality, the differences fade away, and we are left with the fact that before anything else, women are simply and unignorably people.

That this is hailed as a radical political statement shows the sad state of our culture. But it makes such simple statements all the more important to make. 

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Interpol - All The Rage Back Home

The NYC stalwarts have returned with a new video, which opens like a hydrangea, slow and melancholic, before blooming into a thing of energetic beauty, with riffing guitar at its back and Paul Banks’ singular croon at its core. It’s driven, with rises and falls, with bouts of wistfulness, with a subdued sense that it’s all barely being kept under control.

In short, it’s Interpol — and it’s a great lead-in for El Pintor, their fifth album, due September 8th. 

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Just Released: The third single off Sia’s soon-to-be-release album, 1000 Forms of Fear pretty much dashes your heart into a million pieces across the floor. Big girls do in fact cry, as proven in this powerful and lachrymose ballad: “I may cry ruining my makeup/ Wash away all the things you’ve taken/ I don’t care if I don’t look pretty/ Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking.” Keep an eye on this album, as it’s scheduled to be released on July 8th, 2014.

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Swedish pop-soul singer Seinabo Sey’s second single, Hard Time, is just what you’ll want to watch and listen to late Saturday night. It’s an atmospheric, broody song. The beat is driving-almost-angry, mixed with somewhat sparse melancholic synth, and most importantly, Sey’s clear, haunting voice, which alone is enough to mark her as One To Watch.

This track is witchy, dark and dangerous, and the accompanying video (theme: women, witchcraft, romantically decrepit house party) adds beautifully to the macabre vibe. 

Enjoy your Sinister Saturday, y’all!